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Maxine Bigby Cunningham
Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate


A conscious choice of embracing imperfection and vulnerability so that one may engage in life with courage, compassion and connection.
Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection

Power Walking, A Journey to Wholeness is an inspirational/self-help book for persons seeking mental and emotional wellness. Readers will enjoy the interweaving of scriptures, biographical sketches, artistic designs, poetry and prose, prayers and psalms. This glimpse into the author’s challenges and recovery from a chronic mental illness empowers anyone who has yearned to triumph over impediments to well-being.

Book includes artistic designs by Sharon D. Cope.

Getting Up: Lessons from a Woman with a Mood Disorder is a collection of poetry and prose in which the author shares her trials and triumphs while living a full and vibrant life, as she goes through four stages: relapse, remembering, recovery, and rising. As you become entranced in the steady rhythm of her words, you will experience the journey of one woman’s “beating the blues” and remaining resilient, as well as insight into the past, cultural and racial strife, and the struggle to accept self-worth while releasing the burden of self-sabotage. While reading these pages, you will make the conscious choice to embrace imperfection and vulnerability so that you may engage in life with wholeheartedness, and you will become inspired to release the barriers in your mind to start writing down your own testimony.

Surviving Shocking Situations is a compilation of inspirational testimonies from 14 women who have experienced shocking defining moments in life; but ultimately found the courage to succeed and prosper despite life’s painful moments. This powerful guide provides essential survival skills, wisdom and encouragement to help women discover their purpose and inner power while facing unexpected disappointments, setbacks and tragedies.